Wiz Bang Promotions Pty Ltd was founded in September 2005 to assist budding entrepreneurs in fulfilling their dreams with training courses, start-up ventures, and marketing material. 

We’re an Australian-based company that helps people on their own entrepreneurial journeys worldwide. We have courses and resources to help you start your own business, step by step. 

Our courses help you create a plan and work towards your goals. We have a team of industry professionals that design our training courses to be simple and easy to understand, and yet comprehensive.

We provide everything you need to succeed with our online courses. Wiz Bang Promotions is a company that’s been around for over 11 years. We help small businesses start and grow with effective, proven formulas.

What is a short course?

A short course is perfect for someone who is looking for a quick, intensive learning program. Short courses are designed to improve or refresh knowledge and skills in a particular field and for personal, social, or professional development. Some people use a short course to explore an area of study or learn skills to get a better idea of what they want to do with their careers. Short courses do not provide you with a formal qualification, however, they can give you the necessary skills and knowledge necessary to perform a job or start your own business.

Our courses are designed to be shorter, easier, and more affordable than a traditional degree program and cover a specific field of knowledge. They are also popular with people interested in changing careers or getting into a new industry but don’t have the time, money, or inclination to commit to a full-time university course. Short Courses often lean towards the more practical side of things and have less theory than a university course – this gives you a more hands-on experience within your field of interest. The best part is that they’re self-paced so that you can work at your own speed and when you have time. Short courses are not qualifications but can be a fabulous stepping stone to further study or a new business.

Professional Teeth Whitening

We get you started with complete systems and FREE training. Teeth Whitening Wholesale is Australia’s largest supplier of teeth whitening systems, products and machines for salons, dentists and mobile technicians.


Packed with Beauty Therapy Packages

There are so many reasons why a beauty business may suit you. A business in the beauty industry can be fun and worthwhile financially. There are so many aspects of the beauty industry you are never limited to how far you can go.


Digital Media Business

Whether you want to free yourself from the personal and monetary limitations of employment or you just want extra income, working for yourself or starting and growing a business has never been easier.


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Steps to Starting a Business

It’s an exciting time and starting with a home-based business can be great to get you underway.  Starting your own business can feel awesome and daunting if you don’t prepare. To reduce risk and pressure, there are steps you can take to steer clear of expensive mistakes and ensure you’re successful.

Step 1 – Choose the Best Business for You

When starting your own business, choosing the type of business that is right for you is essential to your success. There are three general types of businesses:



A combination of the two

It’s imperative the business style you select matches your skills, knowledge and experience. Also, be sure to choose a business model that has the potential to generate the income necessary to meet your financial requirements.  At Wiz Bang Promotions we offer our clients highly profitable businesses at an incredibly low start-up cost.  We aim for our clients to make around $150 per hour for their time.  We offer a range of start-up opportunities from $500 to $5,000

Step 2 – Home-Based vs. Commercial Premises

Once you’ve figured out what kind of business you’d like to start, the next step is to decide whether you will be working from home or commercial premises like a shop or office. Things to consider are whether you will need to meet with customers or warehouse stock and whether your home is suitable for this.


Home-Based Businesses

Usually when it comes to a service business like teeth whitening or media services, working from home is the most economical option. You can either travel to your customer or have them come to you. Meeting a customer at a restaurant, virtual office or hotel lobby is a great option if you are offering creative services.

You can always start at home and move into commercial premises once your business is more profitable and the need arises.

Step 3 – Assess Your Home and Family Lifestyle

Before starting a home business, you need to weigh up your home for space, and then ensure it will work with your family commitments. Having a dedicated, the workspace can be essential for the success of any start-up business. Even though you are working from home, you may need to set up professional office space and not use a common area like the kitchen or bedroom.

To be successful when balancing work and family it is best to set up a workspace with lots of natural light and a door you can close. A dedicated phone line will also allow you work and life separation and if you are working on a computer a good ergonomic chair is a must, along with a desk suitable to your needs.

Step 4 – Have a Business Plan

A business plan is important for any business. It can be simple or very comprehensive, depending on your needs and style. Wiz Bang Promotions startups come with access to a business starter guide so you can be sure your new venture will have the maximum chance of success. Review your business plan regularly to ensure that growth and marketing are on schedule.

Full or Part-Time Venture

After choosing a business, you might be concerned that it won’t provide the income you straight away.  Growing a business takes time. As a result, you may like to start your business as a side gig. This will allow you to grow into your business while still supporting yourself financially.

Step 5 – Financing Your Business

The next step after drafting a business plan is to figure out how to finance your business. For small businesses just starting out, there are three main ways to finance your business: loans, grants and using personal finances.

Step 6 – Set Goals

Most business owners start with the goal of having a successful business to replace the income from their job, which is important, but not specific enough. Try aiming for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and trackable goals.

An example of a goal might be getting eight new clients in the first two months, and you will make at least one hundred dollars for your services. The goal is specific and measurable (one client a week at one hundred dollars), and it is attainable, realistic and trackable. By using this method, you’re more likely to turn goals into reality, by putting actual steps in place in order to achieve them.

Private Label

We can create a range of gorgeous private label products for your business

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Wiz Bang Promotions Pty Ltd Internet Marketing Group

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We love to chat with you about your business objectives so please give us an obligation free call 0450341007

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