Skin, Fat and Tissue Anatomy Online Course

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Understanding Skin, Fat and Tissue Anatomy could help you find the most effective treatment for your clients. You will also better be able to understand their problem areas as well as how their genetics may impact their body.
This course is 100% online with video,
You can access the course as many times as you like for as long as you like and share it with your staff.
If you hire new staff in the future they will also be able to access the course.
We have been in the beauty industry for 7 years selling beauty equipment.  We have trained over 3,000 beauty therapists, clinics and individuals wanting a new career around the world with our online courses.

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Course Modules

✔ The function of the skin

✔ Dermis

✔ Epidermis

✔ Hypodermis or subcutaneous layer

✔ Skin facts

✔ Subcutaneous tissue anatomy & histology

✔ Adipose tissue

✔ Structure and location

✔ Functions

✔ White adipose tissue

✔ Brown adipose tissue

✔ Adipocytes

✔ Hormones

✔ What do hormones do, exactly?

✔ Glycerol in the human body

✔ Interstitial fluid

✔ Role of interstitial fluid

✔ Interstitial fluid, continuous glucose monitoring and diabetes

✔ Interstitial fluid and blood sugar levels

✔ Allow me to formally introduce you to insulin

✔ Hormone-sensitive lipase

✔ Obesity

✔ Types of body fat

✔ Adipose tissue distribution in men and women

✔ Cellulite

✔ Cellulite is divided into grades based on its severity

✔ About cellulite

✔ Anatomy of cellulite: what makes it look so different?

✔ Why do we put on weight?!

✔ The reasons why we put on weight around the middle

✔ Why is it hard to lose weight?

✔ The lymphatic system

✔ Body types

✔ Body shapes


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